Equipment to ‘One Village One Livestock Technician’

Livestock Technician'

Equipment to ‘One Village One Livestock Technician’

Damauli, May 8:The Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperative of the Gandaki State has provided equipments to operate services under ‘One Village, One Livestock Technician’.

The ministry has distributed equipments to the livestock technicians of Tanahun and Nawalpur to provide the service to the doorstep of the farmers.

The Veterinary Clinical Lab Pokhara on Tuesday distributed seven different equipments to 34 livestock service technicians amidst a programme.

Dr Ganesh KC, trainer of the laboratory, informed that equipments were handed to 20 technicians from Tanahun and 15 from Nawlpur. Among the equipments distributed were microscope, surgical set, castrating equipment and centrifugal. The equipments worth Rs 1.4 million were distributed to the technicians.RSS

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