Provincial capital won’t be decided unilaterally: Onsari`


Provincial capital won’t be decided unilaterally: Onsari

Rupandehi, May 12 (RSS): Nepal Communist Party’s (NCP) province no 5 chair Onsari Gharti has pledged that no political party would unilaterally decide. And declare capital city and name of province no 5 on their own.

At an interaction programme organized by Reporters’ Club in province no 5. At Butwal today, the first female Speaker of House Gharti says that right authority to determine the capital city. Also the province’s name solely lied on the public.

Stating that consultations will  held with all political parties for the same. She admit it will take some time to determine provincial capital since the country was adopting a new structure. According to her, the government has introduced a new policy and programme for fiscal year 2019/20 ensuring Nepali’s ownership over Nepal’s resources.

She viewed that although there was no issue within the NCP. Those not favoring peace and stability were spreading misleading rumours.

As well as, Gharti clarified that the government did not intend to infringe on press freedom. The clarification had a bearing with the Media Council Bill introduced by the government.

Furthermore, she vouch for freedom for the press and press persons and says Bill will amend if it has any flaws.

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